Whether your home is new or 50 years old, 4HomeControl is the easiest, most efficient and cost-effective way to add the convenience of complete home-control to your existing home. As one of the only whole-home control providers to leverage standards-based wired and wireless technology, 4HomeControl lets you add home automation without knocking down walls or undertaking major reconstruction.  Now serving all of Utah and surrounding areas

The Best Solutions For Your Home Automation Needs

The Best Solutions For Your Home Automation Needs

Because 4HomeControl can operate on a wireless communication standard, you can create an amazing home theater and multi-room music experience in your home — without pulling wires, tearing walls open or undertaking major construction. As a matter of fact, most retrofit projects can be completed in a matter of hours or days. And, unlike most home-automation systems, 4HomeControl is incredibly easy to use.
4HomeControl offers affordable, scalable home-automation solutions so you can start with one room and add more home-control functions when you’re ready. We give you simple, convenient control over the lighting and temperature in your home — helping you reduce energy costs and protect valuable natural resources.
4HomeControl seeks to bring the advantages of home automation and home theater to those that appreciate better quality at affordable prices. We work hard to find and provide the best price/performance value in both products and services for every dollar spent. Improving the way you live in your home by harnessing and integrating technology that serves you and your family... is our mission. Whether you are most interested in home entertainment, lighting, safety, comfort or convenience, 4HomeControl has packages and personalized options to enhance your desired lifestyle.


Green Fact

A typical 3BR home powered by
Control4 will eliminate more
than 850 pounds of CO2
emssions/yr! (That’s like not
driving a car for a month!)

Residential Solutions

• Compatible in new & older homes
• Scalable – start small and add
   more as inspired
• Easy to install. No reconstruction
• Simple to use – Like from your iPad
• Cost effective and affordable